jose in the indoor nursery



Foothill Tropicals, Inc. was started by immigrants Andy Van Die, who came from the Netherlands in 1976, and Jose Gonzalez who came from Mexico in 1988. It soon became a well respected nursery. Our policy has always been a good product, a fair price, and an excellent service.

With over 30 years of growing experience Foothill Tropicals has been supplying customers with premium indoor and outdoor plants. Our goal is to offer customers a fair price, quality product, and excellent service. We ship our plants throughout the U.S.

The tropical house plants are grown in modern, computer controlled greenhouses. We offer a full assortment of 6" hanging and upright plants.

In our shadehouses we grow an assortment of foliage plants ranging from 4" to 10" sizes.

Out in the field we grow Queen Palms in 20 gallon containers, 5 gallon Strelitzia's, and various annuals and perennials.

We specialize in 3 and 5 gallon Cordylines grown under ideal conditions. In addition we grow succulents and drought resistant plants.

Jose Gonzalez is the general manager at Foothill Tropicals and in charge of all business. Together with his team of employees they make sure that everything is run efficiently and smoothly.

Here at Foothill Tropicals, Inc. we understand very well the importance of quality plants and superior customer service.